AMD Chief Marketing Officer Nigel Dessau says TechEye's crap

“If you’re in a hole, stop digging” – that’s the diktat we quoted when we revealed the utter tosh AMD had been talking about ATI earlier this year. Bells were rung at AMD HQ when a reliable source pointed us to Leslie Sobon’s allegedly ghostwritten “Get a geek in five easy lessons” blog

AMD was rather upset when we reported on a reliable source claiming blog posts were ghost written by PR manager Kristie Taylor. A spokesperson insisted that this is “100 percent incorrect” – but heck, we’d have thought anything distancing a prominent exec from the embarrassing mess would be welcomed.

In response to Lydia Leavitt’s article, AMD’s Chief Marketing Officer Nigel “The Nose” Dessau tweeted: “Those that know us recognise our voices. Sadly they didn’t even ask before publish [sic]. crappy [sic] writing.”

As The Beatles famously said: “Dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it”:

Lydia still insists her source is rock solid. But AMD says: “Leslie Sobon writes all her own blogs. No PR writes her blogs and Kristie Taylor has not written any blogs for Leslie. On the whole, most AMD executives draft their own blogs and in particular the information regarding Leslie Sobon is completely incorrect.”

The thing about checking in with corporate PRs is that whatever the story, the policy is to deny. 

“Hey AMD, we hear Jerry Sanders likes ice cream – care to comment?” 

“We cannot comment on this either way but any suggestions Mr. Sanders prefers pistachio are 100 percent incorrect.”

Mr. Dessau’s excellent blog can be found here