AMD appoints John Byrne to head worldwide channel biz

Rory Read, CEO of AMD has made some changes to corporate management and appointed a Scot, John Byrne, formerly General Manager for the Americas, as Senior VP and General Manager Global Accounts.

A rising star on the AMD horizon, John Byrne has gone from President of ATI, VP of worldwide channel and SMB sales at AMD, General Manager for the Americas and finally, last night, he has taken on the mantle of managing the company’s global accounts, ie, partners and customers.

In the past, if ever there was one area where AMD felt at odds to match the cunning co-marketing programmes of Intel, it was in the channel. The appointment now hands over AMD’s top global customers so that Byrne can give the entire business his Midas touch.

Under Byrne, AMD has made significant headway, forging its own identity instead of catching a ride on the Intel lab coats every new season (as was the unofficial corporate line a few years ago). Today, AMD Vision branding is the most visible face of AMD’s work with its customers.

With the company shifting its product lines to APUs, this “transitional” moment in AMD’s business, this particular Scot will have his job cut out for him.