AMD and Intel lobbying US $1 million in just one quarter

The credit crunch has got in the way of chip manufacturer’s lobbying funding with both AMD and Intel spending lower amounts compared to the same time last year

AMD was said to have spent $160,000 on lobbying in the third quarter, down from the $220,000 it spent in the same period last year. It used the funds to lobby the Congress and the Executive Office of the President over antitrust issues in the semiconductor industry. That’d be Intel then.

It also splashed the cash on lobbying to the Department of Defense about defence spending, and bugged various agencies about export rules for semiconductors.

Intel, as usual, had a little bit more moolah to throw around than AMD. It spent $830,000 on lobbying in the third quarter, down from the $1.1 million it splashed out in the same quarter last year.

The money went on lobbying on issues such as immigration, government funding for scientific research, trademark and education issues. The rest went on government internet policies as well as bugging government bodies such as Congress, the Departments of Energy and Defense, and the Federal Communications Commission, among others.

Fascinating stuff – what exactly are they after? 

The disclosures were made in a recent filing to Congress.