Amazon’s dinosaur sex obsession inspired CloudFlare

dinosaurCloudFlare chief executive Matthew Prince said his business model was inspired by Amazon bosses Jeff Bezos’ obsession with dinosaurs having sex.

ZDNET  hacks were a little surprised that at the end of a long ordinary interview with lots of paradigms and synergies, Prince let slip that he was “worried about Jeff Bezos’ bizarre obsession with dinosaur sex.”

Prince was referring to how Amazon banned so-called “monster erotica,” a genre of fan-fiction revolving around fantasy-based fictional encounters with mythical or extinct creatures, including dinosaurs.

“You can make a rational argument that if you’re writing books fantasising about having sex with animals or children, maybe that promotes a certain kind of behaviour. But there’s no risk of someone abusing a dinosaur,” Prince said.

His point was whether a company should be, or determine who is a good guy and who is a bad guy.

CloudFlare has a core ethos of making the internet faster, and safer. The company provides content delivery services, domain name server solutions, and anti-spamming and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection for websites and services.

It has got into trouble because it believes that its platform should be open to everyone and the Powers that Be have accused it of protecting terrorists,

At the time Prince said that a website is speech not a bomb.

As the internet continues to consolidate into the big companies — Amazon for retail, Google for search and mobile, Apple for devices, and so on — he argued that the decision to ban or restrict on the “basis of personal value” worries him.

“I’m somewhat sceptical of slippery slope arguments. But, if you ban books that depict sex with dinosaurs, it doesn’t take much before you ban books.”