Amazon rips co-founder of The Register

The Kindle service is obviously not too keen on ethical values. On the Amazon Kindle site, my tantrik document is being sold for £2.18, irrespective of copyright values or any other ethical values. It is my copyright – check out Google.

As I translated the Yoni Tantra a long time ago – and Google has referenced my translation many a time – I was rather surprised to find Amazon selling a Kindle version without my permission or say so. Plus it is the Yoni Tantra but appears to be being sold on the basis of breasts, not yonis. Although I am a mere man, I do know the difference between a yoni and two breasts.

To try and complain about this to Amazon is almost impossible to do online. You are told you have to send a snail mail message with something called a stamp!

This is so unlike Google. A few weeks ago, I discovered someone had thefted my copyright, dropped it an email, and within three days the copyrighted material had been downed.

Hey, Amazon! What you gonna do now? Damages are in order, you have associated me with women with big breasts, and although I do love women, you have stolen my copyright. Damages, please. How can you be so careless?