Amazon re-releases its big Kindle

Amazon has surprised the world by bucking the trend on big e-readers by putting its 9.7-inch Kindle DX back in stock 

The huge version of the Kindle was pulled from the shelves last year as people appeared to be favouring smaller tablets.

Amazon has brought back the DX for $299, reflecting the price drop for eReaders which was brought in late last year.

The Kindle DX was apparently discontinued back in October when Amazon announced the backlit Kindle Paperwhite e-reader and a new line of Kindle Fire tablets.

Amazon’s vice president Jay Marine said Amazon had pretty much done with the Kindle DX. It was designed for the text book market which largely fell to 10 inch tablets.

In a statement Amazon has confirmed the e-reader’s return, but there are hints that the move could be temporary. In fact some think that the online bookseller might have found a warehouse of them that it had forgotten about and wants to clear the backlog.

It could equally be a test. Currently interest in the bigger tablets has fallen which means that text book users might still need a cheaper and bigger screen.