Amazon and New York Times in handbag scrap

rampage-black-friday-mainAmazon is having a handbags at dawn duel with the New York Times over a story it ran about how working for the online bookseller is a nightmare.

Two months ago the New York Times penned a yarn about Amazon’s workplace culture and  the tough work environment.

Amazon has been hitting back. Jay Carney, Amazon’s SVP of global corporate affairs, swung back at the newspaper and said it failed to adhere to journalistic standards, noting that the article in question relied heavily on anecdotes from former Amazon employees and didn’t provide enough context.

Carney specifically refuted the accounts of four employees who were quoted in the Times article. It appeared that he was prepared to get nasty too. For example one of the Times quoted employees, Bo Olson, resigned from Amazon after he was caught trying to defraud vendors.

The executive editor at the Times, Dean Baquet, swung his handbag back a few hours later saying that Carney merely challenged the four employees’ credibility, but did not dispute the article’s overall findings.

Carney didn’t try to argue that Amazon is a great place to work, nor did he repudiate the Times’s characterization of its workplace as “bruising.” He specifically took aim at a handful of employees who provided anecdotes to the Times under their real names.

Baquet pointed out that Olson denies any allegations of fraud.