All cars will be connected

Old carsA survey estimated that by 2020 as many as 75 percent of cars worldwide will be connected.

Trendforce said that while there’s a future for driverless cars, which may rise to over million vehicles by 2035, that depends to a large part in R&D.

A driverless car needs sensors for reading bio data inside, and environmental data outside, on the standard of the communications, and also on how successful software developers are making decision making systems that work reliably.

All new car models now use a basic system using the Internet of Vehicles forthcoming standard, said Trendforce. That means that by 2020 we’ll see two thirds of the world’s cars pretty much connected and worth nearly $3 billion in revenues.

The old fashipned car manufacturers aren’t going to sit back and see Johnny Come Latelies like Google rule the playing field. Major vendors like TI, Infineon, and others are putting serious bucks into developing systems for driverless cars.

Over the next five years, even cheap cars will include Advanced Driver Systems that tell the human being steering the Buick that there may be accidents ahead.

Given the state of development right now, it’s possible that Trendforce’s 2035 figure may be a decade too conservative.