Aldi, Lidl sued by MPEG-LA

Aldi and Lidl are both being sued in Germany by patent pooler MPEG Licensing Authority (MPEG-LA). The two retailers apparently infringed MPEG-2 patents of various, unspecified patent holders in TVs and set-top boxes sold under their respective house brands.

Lidl Süd (Lidl South Germany) is said to use unlicensed MPEG-2 methods in laptops, set-top boxes, DVD players and digital televisions, some of these sold under its Silvercrest house brand. The allegations are very much the same for Aldi, yet also extend to blu-ray palyers and regular desktop PCs. Aldi sells such products under its Tevion brand.

However the patent case is not limited to house brands alone. The allegations are most likely to also include Medion AG, which is one of the major suppliers of consumer electronics to Aldi and even manufactures Aldi’s Tevion housebrand.