Aircrash prompts law suits against Airbus, Intel, Motorola, others

A large number of complaints against parties alleged to be involved in the Air France Flight 447 aircrash on June 1st 2009 have been filed in US district courts.

All of them name Airbus, Honeywell, Thales, Motorola, Intel, Rockwell Collins, Hamilton Sundstrand, General Electric, Goodrich, Rosemount Aerospace, Dupont, Judd Wire and Raychem as defendants in the cases.

The Airbus  A330-200 departed Rio De Janeiro headed for Paris and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, 680 miles off the coast, killing all 216 passengers and 12 crew.

The plaintiffs are family and other individuals related to those who died.

The complaints allege that there were design and manufacturing defects in the aircraft and its components.

It’s alleged that the radar system didn’t give accurate data and weather information, and pitot tubes gave inaccurate speed information to the plane’s air data inertial reference units (ADIRU) and flight control computers.  

The computers could not prevent “dangerous, erroneous and unauthorized flight control movements” and the software failed to  filter out inaccurate data. The microprocessors on the plane prevented the installed software from working properly and created inaccurate data, it’s alleged. Also, the aircraft wiring was defective and caused inaccurate information to be sent to the ADIRUs and flight control computers, it’s alleged.

Both Motorola and Intel are accused of making components including microprocessors and flight control computers that were defective. In total, 18 separate filings were made between the 18th and the 19th of March, last.

The US legal system will probably consolidate all the cases into one.