Advertisers snub adblock plus

Lesley_Gore_-_It's_My_PartyThe Interactive Advertising Bureau has thrown its toys out of the pram and refused to invite the makers of Adblock plus to its annual shin-dig.

The top brass at the US IAB don’t want us coming to its Leadership Summit next week in Palm Desert, California, even if representatives from Adblock plus were there last year and was keen to go to this one.

IAB dis-invitation

The move had the Adblock Plus people scratching their heads.  They has some good relationships within the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and coaches many IAB members about our Acceptable Ads guidelines for reasonable, nonintrusive ads. It has even spoken on some IAB panel discussions.

Writing in its bog,  Adblock Plus said that dis-inviting us will not make the problem somehow go away. It ontacted the IAB’s CEO Randall Rothenberg directly to ask him to reconsider this decision, “and we got … crickets …”

It added that ad industry pundits have blamed themselves for the meteoric rise of ad blocking, and some of IAB’s own lieutenants have called for Rothenberg’s resignation. Not over this issue of course, but it is a similar issue.

There does appear to be a split in the IAB with one IAB executive  going on record saying “we messed up” by allowing online advertising to become overly aggressive, and thus helping to fuel ad blocker installs.

The over 400,000,000 downloads of Adblock Plus are not going to “go away.” Dis-allowing Adblock Plus from attending your event solves nothing. We will proceed to work with others to build a sustainable monetization model for the Internet, the blog moans.