Adobe wastes money trying to shame Apple

Adobe has wasted several thousand dollars buying a full page advert in the San Francisco Chronicle designed to shame Apple into burying the hatchet.

The advert claims that the two companies have a lot in common. They both love creativity, innovation, apps, HTML5 etc.

It asks why Apple cannot love Abobe and as a Parthian shot dubs Apple as the enemy of freedom.

We think that Adobe would have been better off not bothering with the advert and sending the cash it would have spent to the drink’s cabinet fund of TechEye. While this would not have resolved Adobe’s Apple problem, it would have made a group of hacks very happy.

Appealing to Apple’s morals is actually appealing to the image that Jobs’ Mob has, without looking at the reality. Jobs’ Mob’s morality is the fake Walt Disney type. While Walt banged on about being wholesome and American, he attended Nazi party meetings, supported fascist film makers and tended to depict Jews in a negative light. He was also so anti-communist he made McCarthy look like a pinko. In short, while pretending to be nice, Walt had a dark side.

Apple is similar. Its attacks on Adobe have been because “it is not open” – forget that Apple dreams of having a closed garden that even Microsoft would not dream of.

It is a company which walks over the press by hounding hacks. Recently, we have seen a Gizmodo editor who reported a story Apple did not want does not want have his house broken into by police after Jobs’ Mob claimed prototypes have been stolen, when they are, in fact, sitting in its offices. In the same incident, Apple representatives tried to conduct a search of another person’s house while he was away.

When threatened, like it was when the NPD statistics showing the iPhone as not doing as well as Apple claimed, the outfit went onto the attack. Claiming that NPD methodology was wrong, its legions of fanboys rush to Web 2 sites to call hacks liars and demand that they are fired.

Apple uses suppliers who have been known to hire child labourers and beat staff who it suspects do not comply with Apple’s strict secrecy laws.

Nope. Appealing to morals is not going to get you anywhere.  

It would be better for Adobe to show Flash running securely and efficiently on mobile devices like Android and sticking two fingers up at Apple.

As Android grows the iPhone and Ipad will become a small niche market, much like Apple is with PCs.

It currently has a huge chunk of the Internet market, Adobe needs to keep that sector sweet and can safely ignore Jobs’ Mob and certainly does not want to be too closely associated with it. If it wanted do any serious damage to Apple, it should threaten to stop developing its CS range for the Apple.

Since Jobs’ Mobs’ PC market is dependant on the creative industry, the thought of no CS could bring him back into line. True, Adobe might lose sales over it, but it would be interesting to see the look on Steve Jobs‘ face if it did that.