Adobe buys fascinating e-signature company

Adobe, PDF enabler and peddler of expensive photo manipulation software, has bought a company called EchoSign.

EchoSign deals in electronic signatures. Adobe wants to implement EchoSign’s electronic signature into all of its document exchange services. The idea is EchoSign’s technology will automate electronic signatures at every step of the way.

Although Adobe has taken flak for security in the past, it assures us that EchoSign’s whole deal is a secure option from ssmall businesses through to the enterprise.

In a statement, an excitable EchoSign said with the buy from Adobe it’s only a matter of time before electronic signatures become the de facto medium to sign stuff in general, doing away with the indecipherable charm of the John Hancock. It will also cut out arguments over who gets to sign with an “X”.

Adobe boasts its new plaything has clients in high profile business like Salesforce and NetSuite.

Terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. Adobe doesn’t say how much it forked out for the Palo Alto based company.

All the lucky full-time EchoStar employees will find themself routed in Adobe from now on.