Adobe boosts video ad platform by buying a company

Adobe has announced the acquisition of video ad management firm Auditude.

According to a statement released today Adobe will use the takeover of Auditude with an eye on incorporating its video technology with the advertising platform.

Adobe is hopeful that through the acquisition it will be able to offer ways of “authoring, distributing, analysing,” and, most importantly, “monetising” digital video for its users.

Auditude lets publishers and media companies create high quality, TV-like ads which are becoming increasingly ubiquitous as a form of online advertising.

Adobe is seeking to capitalise on this by drawing on Auditude’s platform features including “easy integration into content management and other video operation systems” and “flexible ad placement”.

The deal will see Auditude’s advertising server platform used along with Adobe’s Flash Media Server 4.5 and Adobe Pass to bring video advertising via multiple platforms.  Adobe regards this as one of the most comprehensive ways for publishers to encode video and push it across their content platform ranges.

It also said that Auditude will be integrated with Adobe’s Digital Marketing Suite to help with analytics, identifying delivery strategies and ad placements.