Adecco stole my personality

Multinational advertising company Adecco has found itself in the middle of a Reddit war after Turner Barr, the creator of, told the world that the firm had stolen his brand, image and web personality for use in a marketing campaign.

Barr travels the world, tries to find interesting jobs, and writes about what happens. He said that his name and web series has been the focus for his blood, sweat, tears, energy and money for almost two years.

Then he found out that multi-billion dollar a year company Adecco swiped all of that to use in a marketing campaign.

“The video for their marketing campaign was particularly creepy for me, as even my age and personality didn’t escape the level of detail spent on creating a doppelganger of him,” Barr said.

He said he has not been able to write a new post in over a month while dealing with this.

“I’m no longer even the first thing that comes up when you Google my brand name,” he said. “I’ve turned down work opportunities and put on hold any future travel job plans to deal with lawyers, long distance phone calls, corporate executives and other such nonsense.”

There is a limited number of things someone like Barr can do. After all, the company has heaps of cash and can fight off cease and desist orders.

Barr took to Reddit to tell the company behind the #80jobs campaign to #makeitright on Twitter, which it appears they have done.

If the goal of the advert was to gain good publicity it has failed dismally.

Adecco appears to have removed the video from their YouTube page, but you can see it here: