Addicted to smartphones don’t ya know that they’re toxic?

Britney_Spears_Toxic-e1428916575934A Japanese University president has told his students that smartphones are toxic and they should quit their smartphones or quit school.

Channelling Britney Spears Shinshu University President Kiyohito Yamasawa told his students that their addiction to smartphones was “toxic.”

“Smartphone addiction slows down brain functions and wastes precious time,” he added.

Yamasawa’s comments are being seen as a split from students and other college heads, with some saying that smartphones were useful for finding information.

A government survey released in March shows that over 80 per cent of high school students who own a mobile phone use a smartphone. Smartphone users aged between 10 and 17 spend an average of 133 minutes on the Web per weekday using their device, the study also showed.

Another head, Hiroshi Hosoi, the president of Nara Medical University in western Japan,referred to Yamasawa’s comments while speaking to his freshmen at another ceremony.

He said that it was true that spending time reading books is probably better for developing one’s character, but the important thing was to learn how to use smartphones properly, because they are tools.

The phones not the students, we guess.