Acer's new corporate president will go bananas for tablets

Just a few weeks after Acer’s CEO Gianfranco Lanci left the building, the company has already begun re-shuffling. The choice for corporate president, Jim Wong, wants to ride that tablet and smart mobile wave.

Wong, who previously held the positions of corporate senior vice president and president of IT Products Group (ITGO) will work together with CEO, J.T. Wang “to embrace new challenges and opportunities in the new ICT age.” Whatever that means. Lanci “resigned” over creative differences so we guess Wong’s a safe bet for Wang’s vision.

At the time, Lanci really annoyed the board by placing “different levels of importance on scale, growth, customer value creation, brand position enhancement, and on resource allocation and methods of implementation.” 

Acer said the pair plans some changes from within, but it sounds all very much the same. 

Its PC business will continue to seek volume and shipment growth, but will shift focus to “developing selective models for mobile devices to lay a solid foundation for the future”.

It plans to separate the back-end product-line operations into two independent entities.

They are the Touch Business Group (Touch BG) and PC Global Operations (PCGO), which will be led by Mr Wong and his mate Campbell Kan, former VP of the smart handheld business unit.

The Touch BG arm of the company will focus on the former tablet PC and smartphone teams, while the PCGO will drill down on the main PC product lines.

It seems as though Wong wants to continue steering the good ship Acer toward tablets, underlining that mobile devices “open up a host of new opportunities.” And mobile devices will form the company’s “new business and growth engine for the future”.

Let’s hope Mr Wong does no wrong here or he may face the same fate as Mr Lanci, who walked the plank following “strategic differences” with the company.