Acer rules out takeover

Acer's Stan Shih in 2007A senior executive at one of the biggest PC manufacturers in the world said that even though its share price is low, it’s not up for being taken over by a competitor.

Acer has turned in indifferent financial results and just squeaked into profit in its last financial quarter.

But, speaking to Taiwanese news service Digitimes, CEO Jason Chen said that while demand was weaker this year because of high stock levels and currency fluctuations, Acer is in a healthier position than the four other biggest PC players.

Chen also told the wire that the strength of the US dollar was causing particular concern in markets including Latin America, Canada and South East Asia.

The founder of Acer, Stan Shih, said that if the company was the target of a hostile takeover, the would be buyer would have to pay a high price and would only buy a shell of a company because senior executives would just walk out.