Acer outsources desktops to Foxconn

Maker of the most neurotic laptop in our household, Acer has decided that it would be a lot better if it stepped up outsourcing its desktops to Foxconn.

According to Digitimes, the move comes after Foxconn promised that it would grant full support in production while Acer moved its main production base into inland China.

Foxconn has done a lot of outsourcing work with Acer but the outfit also used Wistron and ECS. It used to buy its all-in-one PCs from Quanta Computer and Wistron.

Acer had been a little worried that Foxconn’s move to inland China could stuff up its shipments and had given some of its Foxconn desktop orders to Wistron.

However, Foxconn has recently completed a new assembly plant in Huizhou (Guangdong), China and promised to render full production support to Acer, thus winning back some orders.

All that is off the record of course, Acer and Foxconn both declined to comment.

It is expected that Foxconn will get the all in one PC orders from Acer too. Acer has been visiting dating sites to find an additional ODM partner for its product line. Foxconn is expected to be the best match.

Acer saw its shipments of desktop PCs grow over 10 percent to 8.41 million units in 2010, according to IDC data.