A court rules that Google is not evil

While watchdogs like the Federal Trade Commission continue to investigate search outfit Google over anti-trust antics, an Ohio judge dismissed the suggestion.

Government agencies are snuffing around Google’s hind quarters in the hope of catching it on a Microsoft style antitrust claim.

It has been claimed that Google uses its strength in online searches to thwart competitors.

According to Reuters, the Ohio case was based on similar allegations. MyTriggers.com, an Ohio-based shopping comparison search Website, claimed Google gave preferential treatment in its search results to Google’s services. The search engine outfit made unfair agreements with other sites to exert control over search advertising.

However things were pretty much stacked against the company. The Ohio attorney general stepped into the case arguing that the myTriggers.com antitrust claims against Google were not precluded by federal law.

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas judge John Bessey agreed that the federal Communications Decency Act did not prohibit Ohio state law antitrust claims against Google. In other words Google might have been up to something, but they were hauled into court under the wrong law.

Bessey ruled that myTriggers.com had only identified harm to itself and the law requires it show harm to competition generally. MyTriggers.com had not identified other competitors harmed by Google’s alleged conduct.