7 of Top 10 brands are tech firms

The geeks are inheriting the Earth, so sayeth the latest annual Interbrand 100 Best Global Brands list, which named seven of the top ten slots as technology firms.

Coca-Cola took the top slot with profits this year of $70.452 billion, but with IBM, Microsoft, Google, GE, Intel, Nokia, and Hewlett-Packard all featuring in the top ten we believe Coca-Cola only got into first place because the geeks like sugary drinks.

IBM took second place with a brand value of $64.727 billion, retaining its place from last year. The computer giant made over 100 acquisitions over the last ten years. The brand value has risen by roughly $4 billion since last year alone, an increase of around seven percent.

Microsoft also retained its position at third place, with a brand value of $60.895 billion, which was also a seven percent increase on last year’s rating of $56.647 billion. That figure was a four percent decline on 2008, so Microsoft will be happy to see a rise in 2010.

Google rose from seventh place last year to fourth place this year. Its brand value is now $43.557 billion, a massive 36 percent increase on 2009’s value of $31.980 billion, which was in itself a 25 percent increase on 2008. 

The substantial growth is much larger than anyone else in the entire top 100 list except Apple, which managed a slightly higher 37 percent increase. However, Apple was in rank at 17 and will need more years to push into the top 10. If Google continues this pace of growth it will become a very viable threat to the top three brands.

GE fell into fifth place from last year’s position as fourth, with a brand value of $42.808 billion, down 10 percent from 2009’s value of $47.777 billion, which was also a 10 percent drop on 2008. It still has a significant lead over the next highest company, but if its value continues to fall it will be dropping down the list again over the next few years.

McDonald’s was lovin’ it in sixth place, with a brand value of $33.578 billion, up four percent from 2009’s $32.275 billion. 

Intel took the seventh slot, with a brand worth $32.015 billion, up four percent on last year’s $30.636 billion, which was a two percent drop on 2008 allowing it to climb two slots from 2009’s rating in ninth place.

Nokia got in at eight with a value of $29,495 billion. This was a 15 percent drop on 2009’s figure of $34.864 billion, where it nabbed fifth place. We imagine the big drop in 2010 is due to the rise of Android and the smartphone wars that have ensued.

Disney was all smiles in ninth place, up one on last year. It has a brand value of $28.731 billion, a one percent increase on 2009’s $28.447 billion. We hear geeks like cartoons too.

HP snuck into tenth place, up one position from 2009. It saw the second highest growth in the top ten, up 12 percent from $24.096 billion to $26.867 billion.