3Sun appoints ST and Enel execs as top dogs

Enal, Sharp and STMicro’s joint venture, the photovoltaic cell and panel production outfit 3Sun, has appointed STMicro executive Andrea  Cuomo as its chairman.

ST, deep tech powerhouse and maker of chips, will see Cuomo retain his position as executive VP for EMEA where much of its operations are. Overseeing 3Sun as chairman – and let’s reiterate again, the photovoltaic market is big, big business – gives ST the drop on direction.

Enel, partnered with ST and Micro for 3Sun, is a manufacturer of lighting systems and sees its head honcho Mauro Curiale take on role of CEO. Enel’s established as a major renewable energy player in EMEA as well as North America and Latin America.

Of course, both Cuomo and Curiale sit as board of directors at Catania, Italy based 3Sun. No changes to plans announced January this year, then – but made official.

ST’s up to a lot and so is 3Sun. An agreement between ST, Enel and Sharp was signed in August this year to the tune of 150 million euros to commit to Italy’s biggest photovoltaic panel factory.

PV is incredibly popular in Italy and nearby Germany. The slog for panels is less of a logistics nightmare than shipping from the far east or even Eastern European factories.