3PAR acquisition turns into Dutch auction as HP ups deal

Executives at 3PAR must be feeling very happy for themselves tonight because HP said it would pay $27 a share for the little storage company, escalating what was a shoe through into a war of the worlds.

Dell had earlier said – as we reported – that it had secured a deal with 3PAR by offering more than HP had.

But HP responded later yesterday by offering $27 for the 3PAR little gem – because that surely is what it has become.

Next thing we know, Oracle and International Business Machines (Big Blue) will top the $27 offer by upping offers to the little company.

Is it a battle for who has the biggest cash chest in the world, like the insane fight by cities in Asia to say they have the tallest tower? It’s obviously a who is the biggest cock which crows on the dunghill situation.

3PAR seems to be important. Its shareholders and owners must be thinking of themselves as being like the cat who managed to find a huge bottle of cream and lapping it all up.

The Dutch auction continues.