1,000 Foxconn workers riot in Chengdu

The Chinese media is reporting that 1,000 Foxconn workers staged a riot in Chengdu. It took police several hours to subdue the rowdy crowd and several workers were arrested.

Oddly enough, the riot does not appear to have been organised. The workers did not take to the streets to protest poor working conditions or low pay.

The riot apparently erupted after guards gave chase to a suspected thief. A group of workers tried to prevent the guards from nabbing the thief and pretty soon all hell broke loose.

Once the rest of the workforce got whiff of what was happening they started chucking everything they could get their hands on out of dorm windows.

After the melee of garbage, pots, pans and fireworks was over, security forces nabbed several workers and found that some facilities were damaged.  

Although the Chengdu plant churns out iPhones and iPads, no Apple gear was reported stolen or damaged in the incident, so there is no need for Apple fans to stage candlelight vigils in front of Apple Stores.