John Oram is a generalist, who knows a lot about many things technical, and expertise in a few. His writing career began with auto publications in the 1960s. In the 1970s, he started using personal computers with Z-80 CP/M and Apple, then switched progressively to DOS, Windows, and Linux. John has written for the Inquirer, IT Examiner, Groklaw, and Bright Side of News (BSN).

He has extensive experience with wireless communications from the old voice pagers to today's smartphones. John was co-owner/developer of the Media Computer Network in Sacramento  on Radio Shack Trash 80s. He has been owner of a software development company, a VAR, and manufacturer's rep for communications technology.

Admiring, but not bowing to the giants of the technology industry, he writes the truth as he finds it, blemishes and all. John thinks it’s a hoot to remind readers and companies of facts that their PR departments would just as soon forget. Research is his forte and he thinks sharing what he unearths is fun.