Carolyn Green is a born and bred Scottish lass from the city of Glasgow. With a passion for travel and exploration, she currently finds herself in South Korea, rubbing elbows (or should we say rubbing her elbow with the heads) of the Korean locals in Daegu.

Her curious disposition has seen her with a hand in every pie on offer, living by the motto that you CAN have your cake and eat it.

As the youngest child brought up in a family that loved nothing more than a lively debate, she is well versed in how to get the last word in any conversation. Nothing makes her feel more at home than a good old heated dispute.

With wide ranging interests she has studied everything from speech and language therapy to social anthropology and is renowned for making ‘random’ and ‘spontaneous’ decisions on a daily basis.

Back home in the land of the Scots she is known for Givin' it laldy (Doing everything with gusto).