About us

TechEye was launched in January 2010 with the aim to dig deeper than other technology news sites. We have a network of correspondents around the world – Taiwan, India, Europe and both North and South America – who have as their brief to pursue stories and bite hard when biting’s required. TechEye is owned by Prakasha Publishing Limited.

Our team

Mike Magee – editor

Mike Magee founded The Register and The Inquirer. He sold the Inquirer to VNU three years ago. Mike has been a journalist for many years and pioneered online journalism. He was recently listed as the 35th most influential person in IT in the UK by the Daily Telegraph. You can find him on twitter, linkedin and facebook and reach him via email mike at techeye.net.

Tamlin Magee – news editor

Like it or not, Tamlin Magee is Mike Magee’s son. He’s worked for a range of news publications and has a passion for general geekery: gadgets, games, the internet, social media and hardware. Sometimes he takes off his glasses and pretends not to be a nerd, contributing to various music and lifestyle magazines. You can find him on twitter and reach him via email tamlin at techeye.net.